Special Sessions

Wednesday, 5 June

Hands-on in Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Surgery (3D simulation)

Chairs: Vladimiro Vida, Gaetano Gargiulo, Lorenzo Galletti, Alessandro Giamberti
Tutors: Mark Bleiweiss, Attilio Lotto, Jurgen Horer, Aydemir Numan Ali

Aims: to perform simple and complex cardiac surgical procedures while promoting the potential use of innovative devices (mitral or aortic mechanical/biological valves, mitral valve rings, aortic valve rings, prosthetic conduits, biological patches for aortic arch reconstruction or valve reconstruction, sutures)

Methods: The procedures will be performed on 3D printed hearts/great vessels inserted in 12 dedicated simulators that will be used by up to 24 trainees / early career surgeons.

Simulations: 1) aortic/mitral valve replacement, 2) Norwood procedure for hypoplastic left heart syndrome, 3) mitral valve ring annuloplasty, 4) aortic valve ring annuloplasty

Duration: 240 minutes

1. One Sponsored lecture (30 minutes)
2. Briefing: 30 minutes (surgical background, surgical demonstration, assignments)
3. Execution: two 3D heart models for each simulator
4. Debriefing and discussion (30 minutes)

Participants: residents, fellows, junior attendings

Hands-on in Interventional Cardiology

Chairs: Massimo Chessa, Gianfranco Butera, Biagio Castaldi, Andrea Donti

Aims: promote the knowledge of new percutaneous approaches to congenital heart disease and congenital or acquired valve disease or on prostheses (septal occluders, vascular occluders, vascular stents, vascular prosthesis, percoutaneous valves)

Methods: creation of 4-8 “working stations”, where the device will be presented and utilized into a simulator or into a 3D printed heart model.

Duration: 240 minutes

1. One Sponsored lecture (30 minutes)
2. Briefing: explanation of how to carry out the procedure, division into groups, brief background on procedures (30 minutes)
3. Execution: each trainee will access the single simulation station for 20 minutes; the functioning of the individual devices will be explained and the implantation simulated
4. Debriefing and discussion (30 minutes)

Participants: cardiologists, clinicians and cardiac surgeons who want to learn the indications, contraindications and operating methods for individual procedures

Teaching of Advanced Paediatric Echocardiography Simulation

Chairs: Giovanni Di Salvo, Gabriele Rinelli, Antonio Saracino, Anna Balducci

Aims: promote the knowledge of Advanced Paediatric Echocardiography simulation (innovative echocardiographers, advanced imaging software, TEE and TTE probes, 3D-probes)

Methods: to offer and hands on session to 20-25 participants on a pediatric simulator to practice on congenital echocardiography and to work on laptops on advanced software (4D, Speckle tracking) to familiarized with the new development in real time 3D echocardiography and functional echocardiography.

Duration: 240 minutes

1. One Sponsored lecture (30 minutes)
2. presentation on New echo Techniques (30 minutes)
3. direct echo scanning on paediatric simulator (up to 250 congenital heart disease cases): 90 minutes
4. Hands on session on laptops for 4D echo and speckle tracking (60 minutes)

Participants: cardiologists, clinicians, obstetricians and cardiac surgeons who want to learn advanced paediatric echocardiography features